Volunteers of the Year Honored

Jan Segal and Melvin Earley receive Voluteers of the YEar Award from President Jean Reiley

On September 18 our annual Volunteer of the Year party was held at the Kids’ Adventure Garden. Each year one or two volunteers are selected to receive the award. Jan Segal and Melvin Earley were recognized this year. Both Jan and Mel have volunteered in the garden for six years. Jan works faithfully on Thursdays in the propagation group. Mel works on Saturday mornings with the Saturday crew.

Delicious food was brought by the guests to share. Lots of visiting took place and new friends were made. It was an evening filled with cheer. Thank you to all our volunteers. 

–Jean Reiley 

In the picture, President Jean Reiley presents Jan Segal (center) and Melvin Earley (right) with certificates.