The Trail of Trees

The Trail of Trees was proposed in 2005 to replace invasive Brassicaceae, (mustard weed), on a 150 by 400- foot south slope in the garden. Upon receipt of a grant from the Principal Financial Group and matching funds from the Westlake Village Garden Club, development began with grading a road for truck access, clearing footpaths, placing boulders, and installing underground irrigation lines to locations where each tree would be planted.  Garden volunteers, Boy Scouts and local groups groomed the area by pulling the ever-present mustard and by spreading mulch on this slope.

On April 7, 2007 the first thirty trees were planted.  By 2009 additional plantings bought the total number of trees to seventy two.  Fifty varieties of trees are represented with two or three of some varieties.  The trees show their various characteristics for the public to enjoy and perhaps to help them to decide which trees they might plant in their gardens.  Each tree is labeled with the family, botanic and common name as well as country of origin and planting date.  Trees are available for honorariums or memorials and these trees have a second label denoting the dedication.  In Spring California poppies form a carpet under the trees.