Rare Fruit Garden

California Rare Fruit Growers

Grocery stores offer the same types of fruit... apples, oranges, peaches and pears... year round. Farmers usually stick to the kinds of fruit that they are familiar with and that are easy for them to grow, ship and store. But the fruit in the supermarket represents only a sma number of the thousands of kinds of fruit that are produced by plants around the world.

The Rare Fruit Orchard, installed by the California Rare Fruit Growers,  exhibits 130 trees including 40 varieties from 35 countries in an attempt to demonstrate to the community the tremendous versatility of our Southern California growing environment which enables us to grow a huge variety of unusual temperate, subtropical and tropical edibles.

Garden walk focuses on rare fruit at the CVBG.  Experienced docent will lead a walk through the orchard and answer questions.  Enter at Gainsborough Rd., at Jeaunine Dr.  Park and walk south on the path following signs to the garden entrance.  Meet at the entrance.  Sturdy shoes and bottled water suggested.  Rain cancels. Check the calendar section for dates. Free. For more information call 805.906.1764 and ask for Joseph.


The CRFG is a group of rare fruit enthusiasts in California organized as the “California Rare Fruit Growers.”  They collect out-of-the-ordinary plants which will grow in our climate and produce uncommon fruit.