The Nursery


For many years, the area adjacent to the Garden’s service entrance on St. Charles Place serves as a meeting, work and resting place for Garden volunteers as well as a protected place to propagate new plants and rehabilitate sick or injured specimens. 
The volunteers from the propagation team wander in the garden collecting seeds, volunteer seedlings  and cuttings from the native plants.  Since the garden was started in 1973 it has been the goal to use native and water-conserving plants - long before it became a necessity. 
In January 2011 the garden constructed a greenhouse.  Half of the funds came from the Conejo Recreation and Park District's grant and the other half from the garden.  With the addition of the new greenhouse, more propagation will be taking place. 
Nursery plants, when ready, are moved to the sales area at the Kids' Adventure Garden for the Sunday plant sales 11:00 to 2:30 p.m.  Come and volunteer in the propagation group.