About Us

California Poppies


  • To continue to preserve much of the Garden’s natural terrain
  • To establish landscaped areas as demonstration gardens with Mediterranean and water-conserving plantings
  • To develop specialty gardens as outdoor classrooms
  • To establish a center for horticultural and environmental interest, information and activity in Ventura County


The Garden is naturally suited to establish itself as the center for the teaching, study and enjoyment of any and all environmental activities. The Garden offers informative lectures to the public. Tours of the Garden provide the general public, schools, garden clubs and scout groups opportunities to enjoy the interaction between people and nature.

American Horticultural Society

CVBG is on the list of AHS reciprocating gardens.  CVBG members will receive free or discounted admission at gardens listed on the AHS website.  Membership cards will be issued when annual dues are received.

Landscaping / Gardening

The Garden is a visual guide to low-maintenance, drought tolerant plants. The Garden provides a teaching laboratory for what works and what does not work in the Conejo Valley. It could serve as a repository for information pertinent to this area.

Resource for Schools

The Garden can coordinate programs that join the school and the community in an effort to teach principles that will help children understand and appreciate the earth under their feet. School children can enjoy and benefit from visits to the Garden, and leave with a new sense of wonder of their natural world.

The Nature Trail

An undeveloped area along a stream on the north side of the Garden offers students a living laboratory which can acquaint children (and adults) with a natural habitat for the many indigenous plants and animals in a fun and thought provoking manner.

Kids' Adventure Garden

This garden is designed specifically for children, where kids can use their imaginations, play and learn about nature in a safe, yet unstructured setting.

Opportunity for Community Involvement for Local Youth

Every young person is keenly aware of the issues and problems concerning the environment. The Garden can provide a place for young people to meet, learn, discuss issues and dig in and work to do their part to help the ecological movement. Teen groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and many other groups could benefit from the facility as well as students needing to fulfill their community service requirements.

Backyard Wildlife Conservation Program

Making private landscapes friendly to wildlife helps restore/maintain the natural ecological balance that can be disrupted by urban development. The Garden can lead the way helping homeowners learn how to be good neighbors to the flora and fauna around them.


The Conejo Recreation and Park District leases the property to the Conejo Valley Botanic Garden, Inc. with the provision that it be maintained as a botanic garden.

The Conejo Valley Botanic Garden, Inc., is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization (EIN: 23-7327643) that relies on volunteer efforts and tax-deductible donations from business and private sectors of the community.

The Garden needs your support!

Please join with us to preserve and protect this very special place!


The Conejo Valley Botanic Garden is a valuable
educational resource.

The Garden exists solely on membership dues, gifts,
private donations and occasional grants.




The Garden’s most important resource is its volunteers. 
Volunteers do the weeding, planting, maintenance, plan all the programs and lead all the tours.

Come and join us.   Be a volunteer!   Your help is needed. To be a volunteer contact by phone 805 494-7630


Visit the Garden
400 W. Gainsborough Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
No entrance fee.
Main Garden is open daily from sunrise to sunset.
From the parking lot walk along the fence to the Main Entrance.
Kids' Adventure Garden is open Sundays 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Entrance is next to the parking lot.  
All gardens are closed during high winds or rain, 
when trails are muddy and on July 4th.   
Dogs are welcome on  a leash.

For information

Email  conejo.garden@yahoo.com